The Shimmering Glass System Kit 20% Off

The Shimmering Glass System Kit consist of Shimmering Glass Liquid and all 4 of the Shimmering Glass Powder styles in pink powder. The Shimmering Glass Acrylic System is one of the hottest products in acrylic today. Currently there are six different Shimmering Glass styles to choose from. Use alone as a sculptured nail or Shimmering Glass can be used to overlay pink and white nails. Mix and match between the six different styles to get head turning looks everywhere you go. Shooting Star which is created with gold and silver baguettes suspended in powder. Saturn's Rings are pink and purple flakes that inner twine through out the powder to give it a completely different design of its own. Twinkle Twinkle is an opalescent glittery dust together with acrylic. Constellation is a medium fine gold and silver combination that will capture the stars in the night on your very own fingertips. Black Hole is a midnight black powder sprinkled with silver stardust to make even a normal set of nails look like there from another Galaxy. Clear Powder is completely transparent. Kit consist of 4 oz Shimmering Glass Liquid, 1/2 oz Shimmering Glass Constellation, 1/2 oz Shimmering Glass Saturn's Rings, 1/2 oz Shimmering Glass Shooting Star, 1/2 oz Shimmering Glass Twinkle Twinkle. $48.00 Value!

The Shimmering Glass System Kit 20% Off
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