Stealth Tips 200 ct Assorted

Stealth Tips is completely transparent with cut out well no blending necessary. The Stealth Tip stands alone when it comes to the world of transparent tips. We do mean "the world" literally, as the Stealth Tips are the favored transparent tips worldwide. The Stealth Tips do not require any blending and can be used with anything from acrylic to fiber wrap. Combined with the Shimmering Glass let your imagination do the rest! Unlike any tip on the market the Stealth is virtually undetectable. Eliminating any need for blending and resulting in a flawless finish! Use any of Galaxy's bubble free clear or pink powders as an overlay for nails so clear they will shine like glass. As always, the Stealth Tip is made of 100% virgin ABS plastic, therefore, no filing or prep is necessary. Refer to the Stealth Glueless Tip instructions.

Stealth Tips 200 ct Assorted
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